Oct 23, 2012


“TRUE SELF”의 첫 싱글, ‘Nobody But Me’

한국힙합 최고의 Lyricist’, ‘MC라는 말이 가장 잘 어울리는 래퍼등으로 표현되는 힙합 뮤지션 제리케이(Jerry.k), 정규 2“TRUE SELF”의 발매를 앞두고 첫 싱글 ‘Nobody But Me’를 발표한다.

음악활동과 학업, 직장생활을 병행하며 서울대 언론정보학과, 현대카드 브랜드실, 소울컴퍼니 설립 및 공동운영 등 독특한 길을 걸어온 끝에 뮤지션으로서의 삶을 선택한 제리케이. 이번 싱글은, 지금까지 살아온 삶의 경로를, 자신이 아니면 누구도 똑같이 걸어오지 못했을 것이라며 강한 자신감을 표출하는 트랙으로, 50마디짜리 verse가 후렴 없이 이어진다.

‘Nobody But Me’ Pac Div의 프로듀서이자 50 Cent, Jadakiss, Method Man & Redman, David Banner 등과의 작업으로 유명한 LA의 프로듀서 Swiff D가 프로듀스 하였으며, 뮤직비디오는 최근 Dok2“Rap Star” 뮤직비디오를 감독한 비주얼 아티스트 SIN이 연출하였다.

CD 예약구매 (예약구매자 한정 싸인CD 증정) : http://hiphopplaya.com/album/165212

The first single “Nobody But Me” from “TRUE SELF”

Hip hop musician Jerry.k, who has been labeled before as “Korean hip hop’s greatest lyricist” and “a rapper who suits the title of emcee the best,” released his first single “Nobody But Me” with the await of the release for his 2nd official album “TRUE SELF.”

Jerry.k has led an interesting path in his life, starting with doing musical promotions while being in school, pursuing a career whilst majoring in Seoul University’s communication department, being a part of the brand department for Hyundai Card, starting up Soul Company while co-running the label, and in the end choosing to go down the path of living as a musician. The track from the album talks about the path he walked down in his life up to this day and shows strong confidence that if it was someone that wasn’t him, nobody else could have lived his life exactly. This track doesn’t have any hook or bridge, but non-stop 50 bars verse.

The track “Nobody But Me” was produced by the famous LA producer Swiff D who isn’t just the producer for Pac Div, but is also known for working with artists such as 50 Cent, Jadakiss, Method Man & Redman, David Banner, and much more. The music video was directed by visual artist SIN, who is also known for having directed the music for Dok2’s “Rap Star” as of recently.

Pre-order (to get autographed CD) : http://hiphopplaya.com/album/165212


M/V directed by SIN
Produced by Swiff D
Lyrics by Jerry.k
Mixed by 소리헤다 (for JIVE STEP) at 소리를 헤다 STUDIO
Mastered by 최효영 at SUONO Mastering
Artwork by Jerry.k

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