Oct 23, 2012


Nobody But Me 

It was the first time, ever
내가 내가 되던 날, 그 때로, 돌아가봐
내 삶을 대체 누가 살겠어
I wonder, tell me, nobody but me 
내게 왜 굳이 그리도 먼 길을 택했는가
물어오는 날에 나 대답하리라
자기가 간섭 받으면 고장 나는 인생의 나침반
아버지가 주신 이름으로 태어났지만
스스로 붙인 이름으로 내가 되어가니까

Y'all already know me
독설가나 마왕 같은 별명이 잘 어울리는 놈이
나 말고 또 있을까? 
꼬맹이들의 놀이가 돼버린 이 판에
Tell me nobody but me 
I wonder, 왜 그들의 말에 감동받는지
월급쟁이들의 삶을 그들이 알 것 같은지
전부 gimmick, 가짜 가면 투성이지 가난한 척
소시민 코스프레 하는 건 힙합이 아니지 so
Tell me nobody but me
오늘 내가 가져온 두 번째 열매, 잘 익었지
목표는 하나, 한 track도 남김 없이
싹 먹어 치우고 행복하게 두 다리 뻗기
막 살아온 너에겐 불편하다고 느껴질지도 몰라 
그 때는 그 귀를 닫아줘
그런 너의 목표는 아마 하나겠지 출세
평생 만나지 못할 거야 너의 TRUE SELF
성은 김, 금처럼 반짝이는 성품을 지니고
이름은 진일, 그래서 늘 걷지 진일보
출생은 Seoul, 
The Q처럼 E빠진 도시는 아니지만
I'm from the city of soul에서 
만났던 친구들과 만든 Soul Company
황금기를 보냈지
손에 거머쥔 건 mic 뿐만은 아녔어 
명성과 자만심
곧 상해버렸어, 유통기한이 짧았지
여자완 달리 벌리는 것 보다 
접는 게 더 어려웠어
회사란 건 말이지
누가 할 수 있었겠어 nobody but me
다들 다음 step 밟으려 준비해도 난 남아있었지
한때 이 scene을 책임졌던 label을 
책임지고 살아있는 현재로 만든 내 이름
Jerry.k, 내가 나로 거듭나는 여정 
TRUE SELF, 진짜 나를 보여줘
시작은 미약하나 끝은 창대한 하루
매일 밤 마주해, 내가 창조한 나를
나의 우주, 저 별들이 내 꿈이라면
난 black hole이 되어 그 꿈들을 모두 삼켜
가장 높은 밀도로
가장 완벽한 내 모습이 되어

It was the first time, ever
The day I became me, go back to those days
Who will live my life for me?
I wonder, tell me, nobody but me
I answer to those who ask me why I chose such a distant path of all paths to go down
When you're interrupted, you break and this is the compass of life
I was born with the name my father had given me, but I became the name that I put on myself
Y'all already know me
Is there anyone else out there who suits the nicknames of being malicious or The Erlking like me?
This game has become a playground for kids
Tell me nobody but me
I wonder, why are they touched by my words?
Do they know the life of salary-men?
Everything's a gimmick and everyone wears their fake masks pretending to be poor
Cosplaying as a commoner isn't hip hop, so
Tell me nobody but me
The second fruit I brought today is well ripened
I have one goal and without leaving a single track behind,
I'm going to happily consume it all with my two feet kicked up
It might be uncomfortable for you, someone who's lived their life carelessly
At that moment, cover your ears
You probably have one goal which is success
You'll never be able to meet your true self
Last name is Kim and I have a personality that shines like gold
My name is Jin Il, and that's why I'm always one step ahead
I was born in Seoul but it's not a chipped city like The Q
I'm from the city of soul where I made Soul Company with the friends I met
We spent our golden days but what was in our hands weren't just mics
Fame and vanity, that soon rotted and our expiration date was short
But unlike women, it was harder to wrap it up then open it
A company, who could've done it; nobody but me
While others were ready to take their next step, I stayed behind
My name that I made of myself living now in the present from what was a label that was responsible in this scene and that I was responsible for
Jerry.k, an itinerary of being born again into me
TRUE SELF, I'm showing my true self
My beginnings are humble but my days end with me becoming prosperous
I face myself every night, the person I created of me
My universe and if those stars up there are my dreams, then I'm the black hole & I'll swallow it all
Through the highest density
I'll be the most perfect self

Produced by Swiff D
Lyrics by Jerry.k
Mixed by 소리헤다 (for JIVE STEP) at 소리를 헤다 STUDIO
Mastered by 최효영 at SUONO Mastering
M/V directed by SIN

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