Oct 30, 2012

[Lyrics] You're Not a Lady (feat. Zion.T)

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You're not a lady (feat. Zion.T) [prod. GRAY]

You're not a lady a-ha
넌 아직 모르는 게 많아
Look around shawty
주윌 둘러보면 값진 것들이 꽤 많아
You just a baby, baby 
아직은 애기, 아직은 애 같아

너는 너무 이뻐
니가 이쁘단 걸 너도 잘 알고 있어
ㅇ 받침 자동 삽입된 말투와 미소에
남자들 기분은 오르락 내리락 시소
원하는 게 있다면, 얻어내고 말아
영활 보고 싶다면, 메세지 하나
전화 한 통만 하면, 달려 나오는 남자들 덕분에
액세서리함은 늘 꽉 차
애매하게 적어 놓은 대화명
내 여자가 돼가고 있다 헷갈리게 하며
어제 친구가 만난 남자 스펙에 배 아퍼 
술 한잔 하는 너는 애완동물이야
주인 없으면 굶는 것처럼
남자 없으면 니 가치는 없어져
하이힐을 신어도 남자들이 널 baby라 부르는 이유
Cuz you're not a lady


너는 늘 속상해 해
거울 속의 너를 보고 속삭여 대
'도대체 나는 왜 이렇게 못나게 태어나서
안 해도 되는 고생만 겁나게 해'
짝사랑 전문 연애 한 번 못 해보고
지나가는 청춘, 별명은 모태솔로
그 외로움에 지배 당하며 매일 ‘판’에
올라오는 글을 봐, 짜증 반 부러움 반
첫 앨범을 내고서 평론가의 글을 기다리는 
신인처럼 눈치를 보며 걸어가
신발이 별론가? 머리가 별론가?
집에 돌아올 땐 내 전부가 별로란 결론만
남들 시선 속에서만 사는 넌
향수를 뿌려도 향기가 안 나는 걸 
네 자서전엔 한 page도 없겠지 니 얘긴
넌 아직 애기, you’re not a lady


나 없인 못 산다고 말하는 넌 매력 없어
여자로 안 보여 아직 덜 컸어
직접 벌어서 써 니 돈과 자존심
난 원해 두 발로 설 줄 아는 여자의 각선미
자기를 찾아 그 자기 말고 너
자기를 찾아 그 자기 말고 너
자기를 찾아 그 자기 말고 너 자신
Girl, be a lady


[Lyrics in English]

You're not a lady a-ha
There's still a lot you don't know yet
Look around shawty
If you look at your surroundings,
there are quite a lot of people who have value to them
You just a baby, baby
Still a baby, you're still like a baby

You're too pretty
You know best that you're pretty
The way you talk and your smile are coquettish
The feelings men go through move up and down like a seesaw
If there's something you want, you have to earn it
If you want to see a movie, then one message will do
Your accessories are always full thanks to the guys who rush in when you give one phone call
Your chat ID name that's written very ambiguously
You were becoming my woman but you make it confusing
You're jealous over the specs of the guy your friend met yesterday
You're like a pet when you have a glass to drink
Like a pet is starving if it doesn't have an owner
If you don't have a man, you have no value
The reason why men call you a "baby" despite you wearing high heels is
Cuz you're not a lady


You're always upset
Look into your reflection inside the mirror and whisper,
"Why was I born so unattractively for me to go through so much hardship that I don't need to go through?"
You haven't been in a proper relationship aside from having one-sided crushes
Your youth is passing by and nickname is "single since birth"
Being overwhelmed with loneliness, you always look at the posts on "Pann" half annoyed, half jealous
You walk hesitantly like a rookie who is aware of the eyes of critics watching after putting out their first album
"Are my shoes ugly? Or is my hair ugly?"
In the end when you come back home, everything is just ugly
You always live under the watch of others
You spray perfume but there's no scent
There probably isn't a single page about yourself in your biography
You're still a baby, you're not a lady


You're not charming when you tell me you can't live without me
I can't see you as a woman and it seems you haven't matured yet
Spend your own money and pride that you earned yourself
I want the shapeliness of a woman who knows how to stand on her own two feet
Looking for themselves, no, not that "darling" but you
Looking for themselves, no, not that "darling" but you
Looking for themselves, no, not that "darling" but you, yourself
Girl, be a lady


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